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If you want to pass the tests of English paper in initial tests of Army, Navy and Pakistan Air Force then this is right and best place to solve tests of English. Solve these Tests of English here with keen interest. These tests cover all aspect of grammar. 

Tests of English need your attentions and focus. If you get 100% result in the tests given below then you can pass every test of Defence Forces. 

We assure you that these tests are mostly used in the tests of Army, Navy and PAF. Work Hard. we always pray for you. 

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Tests of English MCQs (Basic)



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English Quiz

tail spin

Opposite of “Handsome” is ?

He has disqualified _____ service.

The sentence with correct position of  “always” is:

Labour’s Day, Ramazan, Chrismas Day are called what?

She was walking …………the wood.

What do we call in the word “of” in the sentence

“The part of speech are eight.”

Types of verbs are ____.

Young one of Fox is called?

Opposite of “Artificial”

Do not laugh _____ poor people.

There are some vacant rooms __________ in flats and shared houses.

The _____presented his arguments in the court of law .

We _____ a letter.

‘I’, and ‘we’ are called?

Which is to blow up?

A new broom sweeps (clean).
“Whether” is in grammar?

Aslam hide himself _______ the table.

Did he _______a letter yesterday ?

I was watching TV _____ I go to the bed.

They ____ the T.V in evening.

Which joins two sentences or words is called _______.

Wait here _____ I come back.
Words which express shocking, sadness, or surprise action is called?

______ crossing the road I saw an accident.

The correct passive voice sentence is.

Mr. Wahid was _______ MPA.

Choose the correct spelling.

Both….and, neither…nor, either…or, are called ?

Drinks, writes are ………….

Selena is my best friend. “Best” is what?

He has been living in Switzerland ___________ two years.

_____ a bath daily.

Yesterday, she ran quickly. What is “Yesterday”

Opposite of “Interesting”

A man ______ gets up early in the morning.

His, her, my, their, our, your are called possessives.

The idiom Hobson’s choice mean…………..

Me, us, he, him, them are ……….?

The mechanic _______car.

Handsome (Choose the opposite from the following)

He, she, it, they, we, I are called?

She _____ a uniform.

He ___ agree with her to get marriage.

Opposite of “Lovely” is _____.

Conjunctions when other parts of speech acts like a conjunction e.g., ‘directly’ are called?
Raza is ____ love with her wife.
I would like another drink please. What is “another” in it?
Third form of “am” ?

Plural of “Deer”?

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